About Us

Who We Are?

The benefits of fruits listed in our “Health Benefits” page, played an integral role in the vision of setting up ‘FruitsWagon’.‘FruitsWagon’ is a first of its kind service, offering delivery of fresh & ready-to-eat fruits for corporate. We are the pioneers of this innovative service and will soon be available on an E-commerce platform for end users to experience and take the advantage.It was started with a vision to provide quality seasonal and exotic, fresh & ready-to-eat fruits right at your doorstep. With one of a kind service, FruitsWagon is changing the way how fruits are perceived as a diet in corporate lifestyle.

With visionary leadership and vast experience in the field, FruitsWagon brings you an amazing blend of taste and health with packs covering a variety of seasonal fruits complimented with exotic fruits to enhance the experience of an office snack.

Additionally FruitsWagon also caters to events such as weddings, kitty parties, health events, exhibition, conferences, birthday parties as well as marathons, cycling get together etc. , especially for group of Individuals who are looking to live healthy lifestyle in everything they do.

FruitsWagon is your health partner in everything you do, so subscribe now and welcome a healthy lifestyle into your life

Corporate Social Responsibility

Many underprivileged children as well as senior citizen living in Ashrams do not get an opportunity to taste fruits let alone good quality ones. Their health is mostly ignored due to this. FruitsWagon will assist you in bringing joy of good health to these underprivileged children and Elderly by providing quality fruits to Foster homes, Ashrams and other such underprivileged places at discounted rates for you. With FruitsWagon it is not just your health that is taken care of but we also help you spread the message of good health to the society. Do connect with us to know more about this service.

What’s in it for you?

Imagine you are hungry at 11 a.m. at your workplace and a packet of FruitsWagon’s fresh & ready-to-eat chilled fruits arrive at your desk with a blend of seasonal and exotic fruits depending on the package you have opted for. Your morning gets sorted, your day goes active and you would be able to deliver more efficiently, due to the boost of vitamins and minerals of the FruitsWagon diet, instead of a lethargic oily morning snack.

You would be appreciated for the energy and enthusiasm you have been reflecting lately due to the change in diet which now includes FruitsWagon’s ready-to-eat fruits and it is not only boosting your everyday energy but also your immunity which leads to increase in your presence at your workplace and efficient performance. Subscribe now and notice the change in your overall efficiency and also for your employees, which in-turn results in the increase in overall efficiency of your organization

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